Color-Helper by Color Savvy is an economical, easy-to-use digital colour matching meter. Color-Helper's Superpalette includes over 10,000 colours by many of the major paint manufacturers, allowing you to match colours, or compare colours to contrast or compliment your existing colour scheme.
With Color-Helper you can:
  • Identify the closest-matching colour to a sample you have
  • Compare two colours to determine how closely they match
  • Remember a colour from a surface that can't be moved, such as a wall or countertop, so you can ensure you find the same colour at the store, or to use the same colour in another location
Color-Helper also helps you choose appealing colour combinations with the following features:
  • Advise - whether additional colours you have in mind work well with the starting colour
  • Suggest - when you know the general colour you want, Color-Helper suggests shades that work well with your starting colour
  • Inspire - when you can't decide on a color scheme, Color-Helper generates three sets of companion colours based on your starting colour.

For each colour, the Superpalette contains the name of the paint colour, the name of the paint manufacturer, and the manufacturer's identification number. When you have this information, most paint stores will be able to mix the colour you want.
Color-Helper comes with one 9-V battery and user manual, with manufacturer's 1-year warranty against defects.
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