Original Schmidt Hammer by Proceq

Proceq Original Schmidt Hammer, also known as a Concrete Test Hammer, is a Rebound Test Hammer for determining the Compressive Strength of Concrete and mortar. Use the Proceq Original Schmidt Hammer for non-destructive testing of concrete strength to assure uniform concrete quality or detect weak spots in concrete.

Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammers are available in two impact energies with measuring range of 10 to 70 N/mmsq. (1,450 to 10,152 psi), allowing for testing of a range of materials. Choose between the Original Schmidt standard model, with rebound value scale and conversion diagram, or the "R" models which include a paper chart-recorder. The lower impact energy of the type L/LR hammers make them suitable for testing thinner objects with a thickness between 50 - 100 mm (2 - 4 in.) or for testing smaller items. The Type L / LR hammers are also suitable for testing cast stone items, which are sensitive to impact, and are commonlyused to classification of rock cores or brittle rock.

Original Schmidt Hammer Models:

  • Type N: Rebound Values read from a scale; Compressive Strength Values are read from a conversion diagram. Impact Energy: 2.207 Nm
  • Type NR: Rebound Values recorded as bar chart on paper strip with capacity for 4000 tests. Impact Energy: 2.207 Nm
  • Type L: as Type N, Rebound Values read from scale; Compressive Strength Values read from conversion chart. Impact Energy: 0.735 Nm (3 x smaller than Type N)
  • Type LR: as Type NR, Rebound Values recorded as bar chart on paper strip; up to 4000 test values per strip. Impact Energy: 0.735 Nm (3 x smaller than Type NR)
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