DeFelsko PosiTector DPM Dew Point Meter

The new ergonomic design of DeFelsko's PosiTector DPM DewPoint Meter brings greater versatility and convenience to all coatings inspection applications. Dew point measurement is an important and necessary aspect of preparation for coatings application, to ensure proper adhesion of coatings to surface. With PosiTector DewPoint Meter, measurement of relative humidity, surface temperature, air temperature, dew point temperature, and difference between surface and dewpoint temperatures, is performed simultaneously with a single gauge, with no need to consult complex tables or use a dewpoint calculator. Read all measurement parameters easily on the large LCD display, store measurements internally in the gauge, download readings to your computer, or upload to DeFelsko’s cloud-based application, PosiSoft.net. PosiTector DPM can be set up to AutoLog at user-selected intervals for continuous monitoring of all measurement values.

PosiTector Dew Point Meter now offers five probe styles which are fully compatible with both Standard and Advanced Gauge bodies:

PosiTector DPM - integral probe with built-in air temperature/rh/dewpoint sensor and integrated surface temperature probe

PosiTector DPMS - integral air tempreature/humidity/dewpoint sensor with cabled, K-type magnetic surface temperature probe

DPMA - new! - measure ambient temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, surface temperature, with hot-wire anemometer to measure wind speed

DPMD - new! - measures dew point, relative humidity, and air temperature, with sintered aluminum housing and ½" NPT threads for insertion into tanks & pipes (max 200 psi / 1.3 MPa)

DPM-IR - new! - measures air temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, and non-contact surface temperature with infrared surface sensor. Ideal for surface temperature measurement of hard-to-reach or moving parts. 4:1 distance-to-spot ratio is optimized for measuring large surfaces. DPM IR features both pre-programmed and user-adjustable emissivity options to allow accurate temperature measurements indoors or outside.





DPM and DPM-S also connect wirelessly to your mobile device using the PosiTector SmartLink . The DPM Integrated Probe has the RH and air temperature sensor with a built-in surface temperature probe.




The DPMS Separate Probe is equipped with integrated RH and air temperature sensor, a magnetic surface temperature sensor on a K-type thermocouple with armoured cable, and a magnetic mount in the supplied rubber holster to mount the gauge on steel structures for continuous monitoring of climatic conditions. The separate DPM probe attachment accepts other optional K-type sensors, including DeFelsko's liquid temperature and self-adhering probes. Please click to see more information on any DPM probe.




  • Universal Gauge Body accepts all PosiTector probes: DPM, 6000, 200, SPG, RTR, RTR-3D, UTG, SST, SHDD or SHDA.
  • PosiTector SmartLink turns your mobile device into a PosiTector Dew Point Meter.
  • high-contrast, reversible, colour LCD display
  • Enhanced one-handed menu navigation
  • Internal memory stores measurements with the touch of a button
  • Every stored reading is date- and time-stamped
  • PosiSoft USB drive - stored readings and graphs can be accessed using PC or Mac web browsers or file explorers without needing a software download.
  • Auto Log Mode automatically records all parameters at user-selected time intervals
  • Readings are constantly updated and displayed simultaneously
  • Audio and visual alarm indicate when climate conditions are unsuitable for painting
  • RESET feature instantly restores factory settings
  • All probes are compatible with both Standard and Advanced PosiTector Gauge bodies
  • Sealed USB port connects to PC to view or download readings, or to supply continuous power. USB cable is included
  • Rugged indoor/outdoor instrument is solvent, acid, oil, water, and dust resistant -  weatherproof
  • Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster with belt clip
  • Fast response, precision sensors provide accurate, repeatable readings
  • Smart Trend™ indicators identify falling rising, or stable readings
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit switchable
  • Selectable display languages
  • Large LCD screen with high-contrast backlit display
  • Flip display permits right-side-up reading from any position
  • Hold function freezes the display to allow manual recording of values
  • Screen Capture saves screen images to memory
  • Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Built-in battery charger
  • Software updates via the web keep your instrument current
  • NIST-traceable calibration certificate
  • Two-year warranty on body and probe
  • Conforms to national and international standards: ISO 8502-4; BS 7079-B4; ASTM D3276, IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA7, and US Navy NSI 009-32


Standard Model PosiTector DewPoint Meters also Feature:

  • storage of 2500 data sets (Rh, Ta, Ts, Td, Ts-Td) which can be viewed or downloaded
  • Auto-Log Mode automatically records measurements at user-selected intervals, allowing unattended monitoring of environmental conditions. Runs unattended on batteries for up to 50 hours, or continuously via USB.

Advanced Models (DPM3) add the following features:

  • storage of 20,000 data sets in up to 1000 batches and sub-batches. Stored readings can be viewed or downloaded.
  • Auto-Log mode automatically records all 5 measurement parameters at user-selectable intervals. Data can be live-streamed to PosiTector.net via USB or Bluetooth at each interval, and can be viewed remotely via computer. Runs unattended on batteries for up to 8 months or continuously via USB.
  • Data transfer via USB to computer OR
    • via Bluetooth Wireless Technology to a computer or optional printer  OR
    • wirelessly sycn with PosiTector.net, download software updates, and connect to mobile devices using WIFI technogy
  • On-screen help, real-time graphing, picture prompting, and batch notes
  • On-screen batch annotation - add notes, change batch names and more, with built-in QWERTY keyboard
  • store each of coating thickness, surface profile, environmenta, and wall thickness measurements in individual batches
  • User-defined limits for all parameters with audible and visible alarms
  • Wet Bulb temperature can be displayed
  • Trend Charts graph readings in real-time



All PosiTector Dew Point Meters come complete with: humidity, air temperature, and selected surface temperature sensors, protective rubber holdser with belt clip, nylon pouch with shoulder strap, protective lens shield, wrist strap, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, USB cable, Long Form certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.






Optional K-Type Sensors:

A  Hand-Held Surface Temperature Sensor - for spot-checking hard-to-reach surfaces

B  Self-Adhering Surface Temperature Sensor - sticks to solid materials including aluminum, wood, concrete, etc. Ideal for unattended monitoring

C  Liquid Temperature Sensor - general purpose sensor with stainless steel shaft


Optional Accessories:

Bluetooth Printer - for use with Advanced model gauges

Rechargeable Batteries - one set of eneloop NiMH AAA batteries AC Power Kit - for continuous operation or battery charging - works in any country

Protective Lens Shields - protect the display from overspray. Simply replace the shield when the LCD is obscured

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