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PCWI Batch / Static Oven Temperature Logger

PCWI Batch / Static Oven Logger measures, records, and displays up to four channels for monitoring temperature of commercial ovens, including powder paint ovens and kilns, as well as commercial or industrial freezers. Measure surface and air temperatures simultaneously with two or four clamp-style probes supplied, or use the PCWI Batch Oven Logger with any K-type thermocouple probe to monitor surface, air, or liquid temperatures. PCWI Oven Logger's software enables the operator to transfer stored data to computer for batch evaluation and preparation of detailed reports, including graphs and charts of the logged temperatures. 

Features and Technical Specifications of the PCWI Batch / Static Oven Temperature Logger


  • 4 - channel oven temperature logger
  • 5 & 12 meter clamp leads (order one or two sets per temperature logger)
  • Selectable C or F temperature scales
  • Data logging software
  • RS232 cable & software
  • USB cable & software driver
  • logger measuring range: - 200 to 1370º C
  • clamp probe: -50 to 400º C
  • operating temperature: 0 to - 50º C
  • accuracy: 1º C + 0.3% reading
  • resolution: - 200 to 200º C - 0.1º; 200 to 1350º C - 1º C
  • recording interval: 1 sec to 1 hr 40 min (99 min, 99 sec)
  • Memory: 16,000 readings per channel
  • Power: 9V battery - optional power supply available

Standard Delivery of PCWI Batch Oven Logger:
PCWI data-logger; long-lead clamp probes, software, and cables.

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