MTP 1324-RH Infra-Red Thermometer w Dewpoint & Humidity

MTP1324-RH InfraRed Surface Thermometer with Dewpoint and Relative Humidity measurement is an economical option for non-contact measurement of surface temperature of a wide range of materials, with the convenience of included air temperature, relative humidity measurement, and dewpoint calculation in one hand-held instrument. One gauge measures the necessary environmental parameters to ensure that the right conditions exist for paint application or to proceed with surface preparation. MTP 1324-RH Infra-Red Surface Thermometer is Celcius / Fahrenheit selectable, with LED colour indicator and automatic data hold to keep the last reading available to view.

IR Thermometers measure the infra-red energy emitted from the surface, converting that value into a temperature reading. MTP 1324-RH InfraRed Thermometer, with fixed emissivity of .95, is suitable for measuring the temperature of objects with low reflectivity - most organic materials, as well as dull or dark surfaces.

Correct use of infra-red thermometers is necessary to ensure valid temperature measurements. The IR gun measures the energy emitted from a target spot on the surface being tested. The area of the spot increases as the distance from the surface increases. The larger the distance-to-spot ratio of the instrument used, the smaller the spot size that can be measured at the distance, and the more accurate the temperature reading will be. (for instance, infra-red thermometers with 8:1 distance ratio must be closer to the surface than an instrument with 12:1 ratio. Also, the surface target must be larger than the size of the spot being measured by the unit. The smaller the surface target, the closer you must be to it. Ideally, the area of the surface target should be at least twice the area of the spot measured by the IR gun.

The sensor of the MTP 1324-RH IR Thermometer measures both humidity and ambient temperature, from which dewpoint temperature is calculated. Dewpoint is the temperature at which moisture will condense out of air onto a surface. ASTM D3276 (Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates)) and ISO Standard 8502 (Preparation of teel substrates before application of paints and related products) require that surface temperature must be a minimum of 3º C (5ºF) above the dewpoint temperature during surface preparation, coating application, and coating cure in order to prevent coating failure due to poor coating adhesion or improper cure.


Features of the MTP 1324-RH Infra-Red Thermometer with Relative Humidity and Dew Point Measurement:

  • Dual-laser sighting
  • Celsius - Fahrenheit selectable
  • Automatic Data Hold
  • Automatic power-off
  • 3-colour  LED indicator to warn of mould risk
  • Audible alarm if yellow or red indicators are lit
  • Bar graph display idnicates risk of mould formation
  • Backlight for use in darker environments
  • Battery indicator icon
  • 9V battery
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in parts or workmanship




Technical Specifications of MTP 1324-RH:

  Distance Ratio:     12:1
  Emissivity:     .95 fixed
  Operating Temperature     0 to 50º C / 32 - 122º F


  Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution

-50 to 260ºC

-58 to 500º F

- 50 to 20° C / - 58 to 32° F: + 3.5º C

20 to 260° C / 32 to 500° F: 1% + 1°C

   Relative Humidity 0 - 100 % + 3.5% 0.1
   Dew Point Temperature

- 30 - 100º C

- 22 - 212º F

n/a 0.1


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