TQC Dewpoint Calulator Wheel

TQC TM0040 Dew Point Calculator is a simple calculator for determining dewpoint and relative humidity using the measurements taken with a Sling Psychrometer (measured in wet bulb / dry bulb principle) or an electronic temperature / humidity meter.

Using a similar principle to a slide rule, the wet and dry bulb temperatures acquired using a Sling Psychrometer, are aligned on their respective scales (dry bulb on white, #1 scale; wet bulb lower white #2 scale) on the TQC Dewpoint Calculator Wheel, and the Dew Point Temperature is read from the black Dewpoint Scale.




Alternatively, the relative humidity (%RH) and air temperature measured using an electronic thermo-hygrometer (rh/air temperature gauge) can be used to determine dew point temperature by lining up the arrow on the RH scale (#4) to the relative humidity value in the scale window, and read the dew point temperature on the lower black scale that corresponds to the air temperature read from the lowest white scale (#3).




For example:

  Dry Bulb Temperature   25° C
  Wet Bulb Temperature   19° C
  Dew Point   16° C
  Relative Humidity   58%


The TQC Dew Point Calculator is made of durable plastic; simply wipe clean and dry with a soft cloth, and return to the protective sleeve. About 6" in diameter, the Dewpoint Wheel is easily stored in the coating inspector's kit case.

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