Novo-Gloss Trio

Easy to use, portable Novo-Gloss Trio Glossmeter from Rhopoint Instruments features continuous read of gloss values and automatic statistical analysis of result. The 60-degree reference angle can be used to measure the gloss of any surface finish from matt to mirror, with 20 degrees for improved measurement of high-gloss finishes and 85 degrees for enhanced resolution on matt surfaces.

Novo-Gloss Trio features:

  • 15,000+ readings
  • measures each of 20, 60, and 85 degrees
  • simultaneous measurement with all three angles
  • auto-ranging; measures matt to mirror finishes
  • full statistical analysis
  • compatible with all important international standards
  • calibratable to any standard
  • 2-year extended manufacturer's warranty
  • lifetime lightsource guarantee

Novo-Gloss Trio comes with:

  • 20/60/85 Novo-Gloss Trio glossmeter
  • BAM traceable calibration standard
  • Novo-Soft software & USB download cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • carrying case
  • screwdriver & batteries
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