Zehntner ZGM 1120

Zehntner's ZGM 1120 Glossmeter is available in single angle, dual, or triple-angle models. Its small orifice allows measurement on very small surfaces and in more-difficult-to-access spots. The ZGM 1120 is run by Zehnter's GlossTools software. Connected to your PC, the ZGM 1120 will measure gloss of the smallest possible surfaces. Your gloss measurements are recorded directly to your computer, for convenient viewing and analysis.

Features of the ZGM 1120 Glossmeter:

  • operation by GlossTools software
  • single measurements, multiple measurements, continuous measurements, or specially-designed automated series of measurements
  • continuous display/update of average, standard dev, min/max gloss values
  • setting of limit values & reference values for gloss measurement range
  • easy transfer of data to databases or processing in MicroSoft Excel

The ZGM 1120 Includes:

  • glossmeter
  • working standard
  • GlossTools software w USB cable
  • manufacturer's certificate
  • calibration certificate
  • carrying case
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