PCWI Coating Impact Tester

PCWI Coating Impact Tester consists of a 40" tube marked in both centimetres and inches, into which a 4-lb dropping weight and hemispherical indenter are fitted, providing a range of impact force up to 160 inch/lb. The PCWI Impact Tester is used to test coating elasticity and brittleness, as well as adhesion to the coated surface, by causing the metal substrate to stretch and bend under impact, allowing the performance of the coating to be observed under stress. The PCWI Coating Impact Tester is suitable for testing Powder Coating on metals that will need to be formed or deformed after the parts have been powder coated. See ASTM 2794 - AS1580-406.1, Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation - Impact for precise test method.

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