PTC Digital Durometer - Pencil Style

The PTC DIGITAL PENCIL-STYLE DUROMETER, with 1/2" diameter base, has the smallest base allowable under ASTM D2240 for hardness testing. making it ideal for testing the hardness of smaller or hard to reach surfaces.

All PTC Digital Durometers feature and Electronic Max Hold feature, and come with NIST-traceable calibration certificate, hardness test block, and carrying case. PTC Digital Durometers are suitable to test indentation hardness of rubber, elastomers, and similar materials, as well as softer plastics, felt, leather, and wood.


  • Maximum hold button
  • large, LCD display
  • locking feature to prevent loss of tolerances
  • automatic shut-of
  • low battery warning
  • accuracy of +/- 1 point
  • resolution of 0.1 point
  • RS232 download port

PTC Digital Pencil-Style Durometer comes with: customer-selected model of Durometer, NIST-traceable calibration certificate, test block, batteries, adapter, and carrying case.

Optional Digital Durometer Software available.

Available Scales:

  • 211          A -  softest substances: rubbers, elastomers
  • 211B        B -  moderately hard rubbers
  • 212C        C -  medium hard rubbers; thermoplastic elastomers
  • 212          D -  hard plastics & rubbers
  • 212DO    DO -  dense textile above 90C
  • 211E        E -  medium density yard, wound threads
  • 211/O      O -  soft rubber below 20DO


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