PTC Durometer - Analogue Pencil Style

PTC'S PENCIL-STYLE DUROMETER has the smallest-allowable base for hardness testers according to ASTM D22540. At 1/2" diameter, the Pencil-Style Durometer measures material hardness of small or hard-to-access surfaces.

The PTC Pencil-Style Durometer features full-scale dial gauge with clear unit markings allowing readings up to the 1/2 point, and a standard Max-Hand to hold peak hardness reading until reset. Accuracy is +/- 1 point. The dial has a red zone to indicate unreliable readings. This Pencil-Style Hardness Tester meets or exceeds all aspects of ASTM D2240.

All PTC Durometers come with an aluminum test block and carrying case. Test blocks are colour-coded to match durometer type, and read within +/- 1 point of a properly functioning durometer. Range is 0 - 100 points.

Every PTC Pencil-Style Durometer comes with durometer (specify scale), test block, carrying case.
ptional NIST-Traceable calibration certificate is available upon request at time of order.

Scales Available:

  • 201         A     Rubber, Elastomers
  • 201B       B     Rubber Moderately Hard
  • 202C       C     Rubber Medium Hard
  • 202         D     Plastics, Hard Rubber
  • 202DO   DO    Dense Textile Windings
  • 201/O      O    soft rubber
  • 203       OO    sponge rubber
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