PTC Ergo-Style Durometer

PTC®  Instruments's 400-Series Ergo-Style Durometer measures the hardness of a range of materials from foam and sponge rubbers to hard rubbers and plastics, including epoxies. Featuring a smaller foot than their Classic Style, the Ergo-Style Durometer enables hardness measurement of materials with smaller accessible surface areas. All PTC Durometers meet or exceed American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D2240* Specifications.

Ergo-Style Durometers feature a low-glare, serialized dial with bold, easy-to-read numbers, and is supplied standard with a Max Hold hand which maintains the peak reading until reset. The durometer body tapers to a 1 inch square base to allow better access to confined areas. A removable top knob (8-32 threads) permits both easy hand-held use or attachment to stands; the PTC Ergo-Style Durometer can be used with a test-stand, hand-held, or with a constant load weight. Accurate hardness readings can be obtained in any position.

Each PTC Durometer is individually calibrated, and ships complete with customer-selected scale, carrying case, test block, and a magnetic Max Hand that holds the peak reading until reset. A test report is included for A & D models which notes the value at 20, 40, 60 & 80.

Features of the 400-Series Ergo-Style Durometer include:

  • Meets or Exceeds Current ASTM D2240 Specifications for Durometers
  • Accuracy of ±1 Point
  • Base Tapers to 1" x 1"
  • NIST Certification Available
  • Easy to Read 0 to 100 Point Dial
  • Max Hold Pointer Standard
  • Accessory Test Stands Available - Deadweight or Spring Loaded
  • Includes Precision Aluminum Test Block and Sturdy Carrying Case


Available models of the PTC Ergo Style Durometer:

  • PTC 408 Ergo Style Durometer ASTM Type A - soft rubber, elastomers, waxes, printing rollers...
  • 408B Ergo Style Durometer ASTM Type B -for moderately hard rubber, elastomers, paper products, fibrous materials
  • 409C Ergo Style Durometer ASTM Type C -  medium hard rubber, elastomers, and thermoplastics
  • 409D Ergo Style Durometer ASTM Type D -  hard rubber, plastics (acrylic, delrin, kevlar, pvc, nylon, lexan), and epoxies
  • 408E Ergo Style Durometer ASTM TYPE E - medium density textile windings, soft rubber, foamed elastomers, wound threads and yarn
  • 410 Ergo Style Durometer Type O -  soft rubber, elastomers, and very soft plastics
  • 411 Ergo Style Durometer Type OO - foam and sponge rubber, elastomers and textile windings
  • 413 Ergo Style Durometer ASTM Type DO  - dense textile windings, moderately hard rubber, medium print rollers and elastomers

Click to view chart of Durometer Types

* ASTM D2240 - Standard Test Method for Rubber Property—Durometer Hardness

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