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Time Instruments TH200 Shore A Hardness Tester

Time Instruments' TH200 Shore A Hardness Tester is a pocket-sized Digital Shore A Durometer for testing the material hardness of softer materials, including soft rubbers, plastics, silicone, leather, and printing rollers. The optional RS232 download cable allows hardness values to be downloaded from the TH200 Hardness Tester to computer. An optional instrument stand increases testing consistency, eliminating errors resulting from a user accidentally applying additional force during material testing. The operating handle equipped with the stand applies an even force to the test sample, and adjusts the test height to accommodate different test sample thicknesses.

Features of the Time TH200 Shore A Hardness Tester:

  • pocket-sized Shore A Digital Hardness Tester with integrated probe
  • bright LCD display
  • displays hardness result, average, and maximum hardness values
  • peak value lock
  • battery indicator
  • measuring range of 0 - 100 HA
  • measurement deviation: within 20 - 90 HA; + 1 HA
  • 300 hours of operation with standard batteries
  • automatic shut-off
  • operating temperature: 0 - 40 º
  • RS232 download capability
  • conforms to standards: DIN 53505, ASTM D2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
  • manufacturer's certificate of conformity

The Time TH200 Hardness Tester comes complete with one TH200 Tester, batteries, instruction manual, TIME certificate, and warranty card.

Optional accessories include:

  • RS232 download cable
  • TH200FJ operating stand
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