Tinker & Rasor APS High-Voltage Holiday Detector

AP/S Stick-type High-Voltage Porosity Detector by Tinker & Rasor offers a variety of safety and versatility features to work for detection of pinholes or bubbles in linings and coatings on conductive substrates including concrete, such as pipelines, tanks, bridges and marine vessels.

Regulated, pulsed DC output ranges from 800 to 35,000 volts in two voltage ranges:  Low: 800 - 8000 v, and High: 3500 -35,000 v.  LCD voltmeter displays output in kV units. The voltage selection switch is weather- and dust-sealed by a removable screw cap (screwdriver supplied). Voltage setting is ‘memorized’ and held through instrument shut-down and power-on, until manually changed by inspector.

T & R APS Holiday Detector features a trigger-release Safety Switch * that instantly shuts power to the instrument upon release. The handle must be held down on the grip to operate; immediate shut-down when handle is released means the detector cannot be left ‘on’ when unattended.

Alarms include ‘super bright’ LED indication of pinhole which is easily seen in bright daylight, and a volume-adjustable audible alarm that can be heard in most coatings inspection environments.

Large, push-button controls and an angled handle with open grip mean the Tinker & Rasor APS comfortably accommodates large and/or gloved hands. The instrument cover is impenetrable by water. The APS High-voltage holiday detector is compatible with accessories and components of AP/S1 & AP/S2.

* patent pending

Tinker & Rasor APS High-Voltage Holiday Detector Kit includes:

  • Model APS detector and battery
  • Spare battery
  • Battery holder (batt box)
  • Ground cable, 20'
  • Wand handle, 18
  • 4" Rubber inspection paddle
  • Battery charger, 110v A/C (220v A/C available)
  • Screwdriver
  • Carrying case (NEW!) β
  • Instruction manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • customer choice of one electrode from the following selection:
    • Full circle spring electrodes between 2 - 36” diam;
    • half-circle spring electrodes 2 - 8” diam
    • 2 - 8” silicone-rubber brush electrodes.
    • Other sizes are available at a pro-rated cost.

β New carrying case is light resin material, weather and dust sealed; custom foam insert; in-line wheels and padded handles, streamlined size; latch closure with push-button locks on each; moulded lock catches can take padlock or similar locking mechanism.


Stone Tucker Instruments is able to certify and repair your Tinker & Rasor AP, APW, and APS high-voltage holiday detectors.


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