Pelican™ SabreLite 2000

The Pelican™ SabreLite 2000 carries more safety approvals than any other flashlight on the market. The twist-on shroud prevents sparks when turning the flashlight on, while SabreLite's Xenon lamp produces a strong, white beam of light. The SabreLite features a polarity battery guard tray to prevent hydrogen outgassing in the even that batteries are reversed inside the flashlight.

The SabreLite 2000 shroud is o-ring sealed, The ABS resin body is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and temperature extremes. SabreLite 2000 is submersible up to 500 feet. Operates with 3 C alkaline batteries (not included). SabreLite 2000 is covered by Pelican's "you break it, we replace it - forever" guarantee of excellence against breakage or manufacturing defects.

The SabreLite 2000 features a strong, 53 lumen light-output, with a beam distance of 158 m, and 5 hours of battery life.
Pelican SabreLite 2000 Includes adjustable wrist lanyard and spring-loaded belt clip. An optional photo-luminescent lamp shroud is also available.

SabreLite 2000 is CSA approved to Class I, Div. 2;:Gp ABCD, T3C; Class ll; Div. 2: Gp G.


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