Pelican SabreLite Recoil LED

The SabreLite™ Recoil LED flashlight by Pelican™ produces a bright, white collimated beam of light that will cut through smoke, fog, and dust. The SabreLite Recoil LED™ features a voltage-regulated LED to extend peak brightness. With 113 m beam distance, and light output of 75 lumens, the SabreLite Recoil LED provides the light you need in a variety of situations.

Like all SabreLites, the 2020 Recoil LED is submersible, with a twist on/off lens. The ABS resin body is water-proof and dustproof and will withstand a drop to the ground or rap on a hard surface. The SabreLite 2020 is powered by 3 C alkaline batteries that provide 6.5 hours of runtime.

SabreLite 2020 Recoil LED lights are UL safety rated Class 1, Div 1 for groups C & D.

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