Cable Style Yoke

WM-5C Cable-Type Permanent Magnet Yoke uses a rare-earth magnet with a lift of 60 pounds. Recharging is not required. Permanent Magnet Yokes permit Magnetic Particle Inspection where no power supply is available. The coated cable allows a great deal of flexibility to easily permit maximum contact area. WM-5C hand-grips are ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort, and easy removal from the workpiece. Permanent Magnet Yokes are Intrinsically Safe for use in the oil and gas industry. All WM-Series Yokes are supplied with a Calibration Certificate and Operators Manual. Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits available: Dry, Wet, Dry/Wet, Wet Fluorescent Kits include: Permanent Magnet Yoke, Carrying Case, Field Indicator, and Inspection Media

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