W-FI Field Indicators (Magnetometers)

W-FI Field Indicators by Western Instruments are disposable magnetic field indicators for use before or after Magnetic Particle Inspection. When shipped, they are confirmed to be within +/- 5% of the scale value on the dial.
When Quality Procedures require recalibration, the W-FI can be replaced with comparable or better economy than calibratible field indicators.
The W-FI Field Indicators come in three models: W-FI-10: -10 - +10 - for demagnetization; adjusted during manufacture in a Homogeneous Field W-FI-20: -20 - +20 - check residual fields on small parts; adjusted during manufacture for Surface Field W-FI-50: -5- - +50 - check residual fields on heavy parts; adjusted during manufacture for a Surface Field.
Verification Fixtures are available for each model to confirm the accuracy of the readings. Each Verification Fixture has a certification decal indicating the date of Field Confirmation.
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