WA-Series Magnetic Particle Coils

WA-Series Magnetic Particle Coils feature Western Instruments' advanced design features, for quality and enhanced durability and usability.

WA-Series' precision-wound aluminum coils ensure the most homogeneous magnetic field possible. The wire core is cast in a hard, wear-resistant urethane rubber housing for increased durability. The solid-state controles are completely contained in teh cast urethane rubber housing on the tope of the coile. The switch is sealed and has a grounded cover. The WA-Series Coils feature Western's Power Cord Strain Relief System for maximum durability.

The WA-Series Magnetic Coils are completely portable. Optional cast feet for table-top use, foot switch, and carrying handle enhance versatility for a variety of applications and environmental situations.

WA-Series Magnetic particle Coils are available in two formats: WAC-10 - with AC module; WAD-10 - with AC/DC module. AC fields are used for surface defects, the DC fields allow for sub-surface inspection. The WAD-10 features variable-pulsed DC output, as well as the AC mode.

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