WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Particle Yoke

WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Particle Yoke is a compact DC Yoke using Western Instruments' standard WC platform. Light-weight and ergonomically designed, the WC-9 features Western's low-profile sealed-membrane switch for greater operator safety, urethane rubber housing for superior durability, and Universal Articulating Pole Pieces to accommodate nearly every work piece configuration.

The WC-9 Yoke meets industry specifications for DC Yokes, lifting 50 pounds (23Kg) with a Pulsing DC field for better particle mobility. WC-9 is supplied with a Battery Voltage meter to ensure lift capacity. Designed for operation in Class 1, Division 2 Environments, however battery testing and charging is done in a safe zone. WC-9 is also available in an extended-duty kit with spare battery pack and carrying case. Magnetic Particle Inspection Kits are available for Wet, Dry, Wet/Dry, and Wet Flourescent Methods

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