WE-3 AC Magnetic Particle Yoke

The WE-3 Magnetic Particle Yoke is the World's most economically-priced standard AC Magnetic Particle Yoke. Manufactured like competitive Yokes, it is Western Instruments' economical alternative to their premium quality W and WC-Series models.

WE-3 Magnetic Particle Yoke is a lightweight AC Yoke with minimum lift of 10 pounds, exceeding ASTM or ASME specifications for AC Yokes. The WE3 AC-Yoke includes an ergonomically-designed yoke housing and light weight for reduced Operator fatigue. WE-3 is compact to allow access into smaller spaces and the urethane rubber yoke housing offers superior durability for use in tough environments. The WE-3 Yoke is not recommended for wet method magnetic particle inspection.

The WE-3 can be purchased alone, or in a dry method Magnetic Particle Inspection kit, including one WE-3 Magnetic Particle Yoke, 3 colours of powder, one powder bulb, one field indicator (magnetometer), and instructions in a hard carrying case.

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