WE-3HD Heavy Duty Standard AC Magnetic Particle Yoke

The WE-3HD Magnetic Particle Yoke is Western Instruments' heavy-duty economy AC Mag Particle yoke. Compact and light-weight yet rugged, the WE-3HD lifts well over 10 pounds, giving maximum magnetic particle movement for inspection of all manufacturing and industrial structures requiring MPI inspection.

WE-3HD uses a standard micro-switch with Western Instruments' slip-in switch cover to provide greater protection of the switch against liquid intrusion. Its compact design includes an ergonomic hand-grip with urethane rubber housing for increased durability and operator comfort. The WE-3HD also features Western Instruments' unique Power Cord Strain Relief System: rubber cord jacket that is oil, water, and UV-resistant; heavy-duty rubber strain relief mounted on the long side of Westerns' Rotating End Cap


  • Comfortable, urethane handle grip
  • standard micro-switch with slip-in switch cover
  • 360-degree rotational power cord with Rugged Strain Relief
  • minimum 10 lb lift capacity
  • exceeds ASTM or ASME specifications for AC magnetic particle yokes
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