WE-3LT Magnetic Particle Yoke

The WE-3LT Magnetic Particle Yoke is a small, light-weight AC yoke that lifts well over 10 pounds, exceeding ASTM or ASME specifications for AC yokes. The WE-3LT features Western Instruments' exclusive quality enhancements, including their Slip-in Switch Cover, Rugged Power Cord Strain Relief, and ergonomically-deisgned Hand Grip with urethane rubber grip housing. The compact design and adjustable power cord position allow the WE-3LT to fit into confined spaces better than any other AC magnetic particle yoke.

The WE-3LT Magnetic Particle Yoke by Western Instruments features:

  • rugged Power Cord Strain Relief - rubber reinforcing strain relief, enters the long side of the rotating end cap, allowing the power cord to be rotated 360º on the yoke end so that the operator can use the yoke in any position with improved access, and reduced power cord strain. Power cord is covered with a rubber jacket that is water, oil, and UV-resistant, and features a good-quality plug.
  • ergonomic hand grip - smaller proportions with more comfortable grip shape
  • durable urethane rubber housing - improved durability and more comfortable to hold
  • Western Instruments' Slip in Switch Cover - provides a superior seal over standard 'economy' yoke micro-switch
  • minimum 10 lb lift

The WE-3LT is also available in the following kits: dry, wet, wet/dry, wet fluorescent. Kits include one yoke, and appropriate MPI test materials, in a hard carrying case.

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