Vapor Test Calcium Chloride Test Kit for Concrete

Vapor Test Calcium Chloride Test Kits by Vaprecision measure the amount of moisture emitted from a 1000 sq. ft. concrete slab surface over 24 hours. Excess moisture content in set concrete will result in premature coating failure or adhesion failure of flooring materials. Quantitative measurement of total moisture content in the slab is necessary prior to coating application or flooring appliation. The Calcium Chloride Test container is weighed prior to and immediately after the time period using the same scale, as differences between individual scales, and time delays will compromise accuracy. Expressed in pounds, the result is the equivalent weight of water emitted as vapour.

Calcium Chloride Moisture Vapor Tests must be performed in a representative interior climate to render a relevent test result. Vaprecision's Dome Press permits instant and proper installation of the Calcium Chloride Test piece. The moisture test unit can be marked with Vaprecision's test cone to prevent accidental damages due to tripping over or stepping upon unnoticed test units.

VaporTest Calcium Chloride Test Kits come in packs of 3, 12 or 100 test units plus ph strips. Dome Press and Safety Cones may be purchased separately.

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