Pelican Remote Area Lighting System

The NEW 9430 REMOTE AREA LIGHTING SYSTEM by Pelican™ is a light-weight, portable stand-alone system for on-site lighting system. Fully extended, the Pelican 9430 Remote Area Light stands nearly 3 feet high, yet collapses to a compact, hand-portable package.
Features of the Pelican 9430 Remote Area Lighting System:

  • up to 15 hours of burntime
  • 2000 lumens of brightness
  • Maintenance-free LED array with life expectancy of 50,000 hours
  • Fully-extendable mast with 360-degree rotating head
  • Waterproof Rubber Activation Switch
  • Mast Extension Lock

Available in black or Yellow Available Accessories:

  • Remote Area Lighting System Charger
  • Tripod Kit
  • Tear-Off Back Pack
  • Back Pack
  • Spare LED Head & T-Bar
  • 12/24V Vehicle Charger
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