Reaching Pit Gauge

The Reaching Pit Gauge by Western Instruments features a 4.75" blade with end-mounted Dial Indicator allows the Corrosion Inspector to measure pit depth over areas of significant weight-loss corroded that will not allow the use of the Standard Pit Gauge Blade. The end nose cut-out permits the Gauge to sit right up to a weld, and may reach over the weld. Reaching Pit Gauges may be fitted with the standard Imperial Dial Indicator, a metric Dial Indicator, or with a units-switchable Digital indicator. Other configurations of the Reaching Pit Gauge include:
Reaching Magnetic Pit Gauge - with two magnetic anchoring cartridges Reaching Plus Pit Gauge - 6" Reaching Pit Gauge blade, end-mounted dial indicator with nose-end cut-out Reaching Plus Magnetic Pit Gauge - 6" blade with two magnetic anchoring cartridges
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