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Vessel Inspectors Pit Gauge Kit

Western Instruments' three most popular Pit Gauge Blades in one kit: The Vessel Inspector's Pit Gauge Kit includes the Pocket Pit Gauge, Basic Pit Gauge, and Reaching Pit Gauge blades, and one indicator in a padded case.

The Basic Pit Gauge blade is the standard 2.5" knife-edged blade used for routine Pit Depth Measurement applications. The Pocket Pit Gauge has a dual-edged, reversible foot with a spot base, enabling inspection of curved surfaces including the knuckle area of vessel heads, pump housings, and impellers. Both the Basic Pit Gauge and Pocket Pit Gauge fit conveniently in the pocket.

The Reaching Pit Gage is 6" long to cross larger areas and allow the inspection in areas of serious weight-loss corrosion in most vessels and tanks. The Reaching Blade features a nose cut-out so the gauge can get right up to a weld, and may reach over top of the welds. The Corrosion Inspector need only choose between the standard Imperial Dial Indicator, a metric Dial Indicator, or the units-switchable Digital Indicator, and the Vessel Inspector's Kit will meet virtually all of his regular vessel inspection requirements. All kit components fit in one padded carrying case.

The Vessel Inspector's Kit includes: One indicator of your choice, plus one each:

  • Basic Pit Gauge blade
  • Pocket Pit Gauge Blade
  • Reaching Pit Gauge Blade
  • Allen key
  • Spare contact point
  • Operating instructions
  • Carrying case
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