PCWI Mini Crest Meter for DC Holiday Detectors

The PCWI Mini DC Crest Meter tests the output voltage on PCWI Compact DC High Voltage Porosity Detectors.  Use the PCWI Mini DC Crest Meter to test raw voltage output and verify the displayed voltage on the detector, or to test the holiday detector under load, which checks all ground leads and connections.

PCWI Mini Crest Meter is simple to use, with a turning dial on-off and voltage selector, LCD display, and has three kV ranges:

1 - 0 to 999 V

2 - 00.00 to 99.9 kV

3 - 0.00 to 9.99 kV

Turn on the grounded Mini Crest Meter, and touch the metal probe tip to the metal handle tip of a properly-grounded, powered-on high voltage porosity detector. The displayed voltage on the PCWI DC15 or DC30 holiday detector should be within  manufacturer’s tolerance of the voltage displayed on the Mini Crest Meter screen.

PCWI’s Mini DC Crest Meter is the ideal in-field Calibration Reference Device for the PCWI Compact range of DC Porosity Detectors, used to test for discontinuities (holidays) in non-conductive protective coatings on conductive substrates including metallic or concrete substrates in accordance with ASTM D5162, ASTM62, ASTM D4787, NACE SP0274, SP0490, SPO188, ANSI/AWWA C213, ANSI/AWWA C214, ISO 2746

*not to be used in any combustible or flammable atmosphere. Test voltage can cause an arc or generate a spark that may ignite an explosion. Tanks should be free of solvents prior to high voltage holiday testing.

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