Tinker & Rasor Model AP/W High Voltage Holiday Detector

The completely redesigned Tinker & Rasor AP/W High Voltage Holiday Detector incorporates Tinker & Rasor’s rugged construction with functional advancements to increase safety and performance in a belt-worn DC pinhole detector suitable for any application. Also referred to as Spark Testers, Holiday Detectors, or Pinhole Testers, the AP-W Porosity Detector is suitable for testing on dry or damp surfaces, and under humid environmental conditions.

Model AP/W includes T & R’s Integrated Peak Reading Voltmeter to measure and display output voltage, eliminating the need for a separate voltmeter or jeep tester to verify voltage output. Instrument controls are housed in a water-impenetrable plastic casing. Control switches are push-button, and include On, Low, and High voltage ranges, LCD voltmeter display, voltage setting switch, volume controls (Loud and Louder), and wand handle release button. The voltage selection switch is sealed from weather and dust under a screw cap.

The AP/W High Voltage Porosity Detector also features Tinker & Rasor’s unique safety handle. The safety switch must be held for the instrument to operate. The detector instantly shuts off when the handle is released; it is not possible for the holiday detector to remain powered-on when unattended, increasing safety for the operator as well as other workers in the same work area.

Voltage ranges include Low: 800 to 8,000 v and High - 3,500 to 35,000 v, adjustable in 100 volt increments. Set voltage is maintained in the instrument, which can then be turned off and on as often as required without losing the voltage setting. A cluster of ‘super bright’ LED’s produce a visual alert when holidays are detected that can be seen even in bright daylight.

The new AP/W uses the same wand handles, extensions, and electrodes as the previous-model AP/W, and is compatible with the other Tinker & Rasor accessories.

Tinker & Rasor AP/W High Voltage Porosity Detector is supplied in a kit including: 

  • Model AP/W Porosity Detector and battery
  • hand-held PowerPak with 5’ cable and Super Bright LED holiday indicator
  • Ground cable, 20'
  • Wand handle, 18
  • 18” Wand extension handle
  • Battery charger, 115v or 230v AC, selectable
  • Screwdriver
  • Carrying/storage case heavy-duty wheeled plastic case w foam inserts
  • Instruction manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • customer choice of one electrode from the following selection:
    • Full circle spring electrodes between 2 - 36” diam;
    • half-circle spring electrodes 2 - 8” diam
    • 2 - 8” silicone-rubber brush electrodes.
    • Other sizes are available at a pro-rated cost.

Stone Tucker Instruments is able to certify and repair your Tinker & Rasor AP, APW, and APS high-voltage holiday detectors.

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