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DeFelsko PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gauge

DeFelsko's PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Probe is a stylus-type surface profilometer with four probe options to measure and record peak-to-valley surface profile heights for a broad range of applications. With Alumina wear-face, and field-replaceable tungsten-carbide probe tips, PosiTector SPG is a durable option for surface profile measurement on steel, aluminum, stainless steel, prepared for coatings application by sand, shot, or grit blast, slurry blast, wheelabation, peening, Bristle Blasting, or other means of producing anchor profile. The PosiTector SPG- TS cabled probe measures the surface profile of concrete created by blasting, scarifying, grinding, acid etching, or other processes.



PosiTector SPG now offers a grooved SPG OS probe for measuring surface profile of the outside diameter of blast-cleaned cylindrical objects, including pipes and tanks. The groove in the probe tip allows the user to settle the probe on smaller diameter pipe, and an aoptional groove adapter allows use on larger pipes up to 18" in diameter.





PosiTector SPG measures over 50 readings per minute and stores surface profile measurements in the gauge for USB download to computer or wireless or USB upload to DeFelsko's new PosiSoft.net web-based application. The new PosiTector SmartLink and both Standard and Advanced models of the PosiTector Gage Body accept all PosiTector SPG probes, as well as all other PosiTector probes:PosiTector 6000, DPM, RTR and RTR-3D,  200 , SST, SHDD and SHDA, and PosiTector UTG material-thickness measurement.


SPG built-in probe

  • measures the profile of steel cleaned by abrasive blast or Bristle Blaster
  • range: 0 to 20 mils / 500 microns
  • comes with a standard 60° tip or optional Australian 30° tip, both with a 50 micron radius


4 separate (cabled) probes:

  • SPG-S - same measuring specifications as the built‐in SPG probe but with a 3ft / 1m cable for easier handling and greater accessibility to a variety of surfaces

  • SPG-TS - measure surface profile of concrete up to 6 mm / 250 mils

  • SPG-CS - cabled SPG probe with extended measuring range and rounder tip. Ideal for measuring the profile of textured coatings and other surface profile applications.
    • range: 0 to 60 mils/1500 microns
    • 60° tip with a 500 micron radius


  • SPG OS  - new! cabled probe measures surface profile of convex, abrasive blast-cleaned surfaces such as pipes and tanks.







All SPG probes feature:


(* All PosiTector gauge bodies with a serial number greater than 700000 can be updated to support the probes for all PosiTector functions. Gauge updates can be downloaded here: http://www.defelsko.com/update/ )



The field-replaceable tungsten-carbide probe tip of the PosiTector SPG is accurate to + 5% over a range of 0 - 20 mils surface profile measurement (0 - 500 µm). PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gauge conforms to national and international standards, including ASTM D4417-B and US Navy NS 009-32.


PosiTector SPG is SmartLinkCompatible

  • Wirelessly connect PosiTector SPG probes to your smart device
  • Turns your cell phone or tablet into a virtual PosiTector gage
  • Includes Free mobile app



  • PosiTector Gauge Body accepts all PosiTector Probes: SPG, 6000, DPM, 200, RTR, RTR-3D ,SST, SHDD SHDA, and UTG, probes,easily converting the gauge from coating thickness to dew point meter, surface profile, or wall thickness gage, as well as the PosiTector PC Powder Checker
  • Fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute - ideal for quickly and accurately measuring surface profile over large, flat surface areas
  • Built-in temperature compensation ensures measurement accuracy
  • RESET feature instantly restores factory settings
  • Continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max thickness, and number of surface profile readings
  • HiLo alarm audibly and visibly alerts when measurements exceed user-specified limits
  • Internal memory stores measurements
  • Every stored reading is date- and time-stamped
  • High-contrast, reversible, colour LCD display
  • Screen Capture - record and save image into USB flash memory for record keeping and review
  • Enhanced one-handed menu navigation
  • Selectable display languages
  • Hi Contrast backlit display for bright or dark environments
  • Flip display permits right-side-up reading from any position
  • Software updates via web keep your gage current
  • USB port for fast, simple connection to a PC and to supply continuous power. USB cable included
  • Alumina wear face and field-replacable tungsten carbide tip for long life and continuous accuracy
  • Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant – weatherproof
  • Rugged, outdoor/indoor instrument - ideal for field or shop use
  • 30º angle interchangeable probe tip available for special surface profile applications
  • Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster with belt clip and wrist strap
  • Two (2) year warranty on body and probe
  • Long form Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to PTB included
  • Glass Zero Plate and metal check shim included
  • Conforms to national and international standards including ASTM D4417 Method B and SSPC-PA17
  • Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries (built-in charger)
  • PosiSoft Solutions for viewing, analyzing & reporting data:
    • PosiSoft USB Drive -stored readings and graphs can be accessed using universal PC/ Mac web browsers or file explorers. No software required
    • PosiSoft Desktop software (PC/Mac) for downloading, viewing, printing and storing measurement data. Available as a free download.
    • PosiTector App- connects PosiTector Advanced gauges to iOS or Android mobile devices to access readings, graphs, capture photos and update notations
    • PosiSoft.net - free web-based application offering secure storage of gauge readings
  • Both gauge models are compatible with either 60 or 30 degree probe
  • Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Built-in battery charger
  • Software updates via the web keep your instrument current (Click to update your gauge )
  • NIST-traceable calibration certificate
  • Conforms to national and international standards: ISO 8502-4; BS 7079-B4; ASTM D3276, and US Navy NSI 009-32

Standard Model PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gauges also Feature:

  • storage of 250 readings which can be viewed or downloaded

  PosiTector SPG Advanced Model adds the following features:

  • Storage of 100,000 data sets in up to 1000 batches and sub-batches. Stored readings can be viewed or downloaded.
  • SmartBatch allows entry of user-defined parameters to comply with various standards and test methods
  • WiFi and Bluetooth technology—wirelessly synchronizes with PosiSoft.net, data transfer to computer or optional portable printer, gauge updates, and connection to mobile devices for expanded functionality
  • Real-time graphing, picture prompting and batch notes
  • Onscreen Batch Annotation—add notes, change batch names and more with built-in QWERTY keyboard
  • On-screen help, real-time graphing, picture prompting, and batch notes

All PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gages come complete with:
PosiTector Standard or Advanced Gauge body, user-selected SPG probe, glass zero plate, metal check shim, protective rubber holster with belt clip, nylon pouch with shoulder strap, protective lens shield, wrist strap, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, USB cable, Long Form certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.


Optional Accessories:

  • Bluetooth Printer - for use with Advanced model gauges
  • Rechargeable Batteries - one set of eneloop NiMH AAA batteries
  • AC Power Kit - for continuous operation or battery charging - works in any country
  • Protective Lens Shields - protect the display from overspray. Simply replace the shield when the LCD is obscured

Click to view PosiTector SPG Surface Profile video


Stone Tucker Instruments is able to recertify all of your PosiTector SPG Surface Profile probes. Call us today for pricing.

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