The Concrete Profiler - TCP Putty

The Concrete Profiler - TCP Putty - creates a permanent replica of surface profile on concrete. Coating failure is often caused by inadequate surface profile. The Concrete Profiler (or TCP Putty), developed by OTB Technologies Inc., is simple to use: equal measures of the two putty compounds are mixed together, and applied according to package directions to the concrete surface.Concrete Profiler Sample with ICRI Coupons

The compound hardens to a firm elastomer in about 10 minutes, with full-cure in 24 hours (at 25º C). The putty replica may be visually compared to ICRI Concrete Surface Profile Coupons, in accordance with ASTM D 7682- 10, Method A,

or measured using a specially-designed micrometer to quantitatively ascertain the actual profile range of the sample according to ASTM D 7682 Test Method B. (it is recommended to take at least 10 measurements of the profile sample, and subtract the lowest from the highest result to determine the profile range of the tested area.) The concrete surface profile replica can be kept on file for empirical support of reports regarding surface preparation prior to coatings application.


The Concrete Profiler is available in the Basic Kit, which includes both putties, measuring discs, gloves, brush, and instructions, or a Deluxe Kit which also includes the micrometer and a set of ICRI CSP coupons. Appoximately 30 tests per kit. TCP The Concrete Profiler conforms to ASTM D 7682-10 - Standard Test Method for Replication and Measurement of Concrete Surface Profiles using Replica Putty.

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