Lascar EasyLog Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

Introducing the EASYLOG DATALOGGER by Lascar Electronics. EasyLog Temperature and Humidity Data Logger measures and records up to 16,379 temperature readings and 16,379 relative humidity readings. Logging rate and stored data is downloaded by plugging the built-in USB connection directly into the computer. Software supplied with the EasyLog Data Logger allows the user to graph, print, and export temperature and humidity readings, and calculate dewpoint. The long-life lithium battery will allow logging for up to 1 year.
EasyLog Datalogger LCD model features a high-contrast LCD display of measurement data. With the touch of a button, the display cycles between current temperature and humidity, as well as minimum and maximum stored values.
The supplied software runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems.
  • temperature range: - 35 to 80 * C/-31 to 176*F
  • rh range: 0 - 100%
  • Dewpoint indication using supplied software
  • USB interface for set-p and data download
  • user-programmable alarm thresholds for both rh and temperature
  • immediate, delayed, and push-to-start logging
  • status indication via red & green LED's
  • ingress protection from water and dust to IP67 when plastic cap and seal are fitted.
  • logger name
  • C or F scales
  • logging rate (10x, 1, 5, 30 min, 1, 6, 12 hr)
  • high and low alarms
  • immediate, delayed, push-to-start logging
  • display off/on for 30 seconds after button press, or permanently on
  • data roll-over (allows unlimited logging periods by overwriting the oldest data when the memory is full) The EasyLog Data Logger comes complete with long-life lithium battery and software
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