CMX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

CMX Ultrasonic Material & Coating Thickness Gauge by Dakota Ultrasonics offers the versatility of non-destructive wall thickness measurement of coated or uncoated materials, as well as the ability to measure the thickness of the coatings. The CMX UT gauge offers pulse-echo to a maximum thickness of 19.999 inches, pulse-echo with coating or with temperature compensation, echo-echo mode for measuring up to 4 inch thicknesses through paint and coatings, echo-echo verify, and coating-only measurement modes. CMX-DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage with Data-Logging has 32 megabits of memory capacity capable of storing up to 16,000 readings, B-scan image, and gauge settings for every reading with the graphics feature on; with graphics off, store up to 210,000 readings, downloadable to computer using the included RS232 serial cable and Windows-based software.

FEATURES of the CMX Ultrasonic Material & Coating Thickness Gauge:

  • Auto Probe Recognition, probe zero, and temperature compensation
  • Adjustable Gain - (vlow, low, med, high, vhigh)
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Time-corrected gain (TCG)
  • Time based B-Scan (cross section view)
  • High Speed Scan
  • High/Low Alarm - dynamic update of both
  • Differential Mode
  • Transducer Linearity Selector
  • Material Chart
  • stores up to 64 Custom Setups for specific applications
  • Massive Data Storage:
    • Memory of 16,000+ readings, B-Scans, & gauge settings for every stored reading (Graphics On), or 210,000+ readings - including material, coating, min & max thicknesses for every reading (Graphics Off)
  • PC software, RS232 serial interface & USB converter cable included

Measuring ranges by measurement modus:

  • pulse-echo (P - E) - pit & flaw detection; 0.025 to 19.999 inches (0.63 to 508 mm
  • pulse-echo w coating (PECT) material, coating, pit, & flaw detection Material: .025 to 19.999 inches Coating: .001 to 0.100 inches
  • pulse-echo w temperature compensation (PETP) Pit & flaw detection; auto-temperature compensation - measures from .025 to 19.000 inches
  • echo-echo (E - E) through paint & coatings; measures up to 4 inches, depending on coating
  • echo-echo verify (E-EV) through paint & coatings, measures from 0.100 to 1.0 inches, depending on coating
  • coatings-only (CT) coating thickness, measures from .0005 to 0.100 inches, depending on coatings
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