Dakota MX3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The MX-3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge by Dakota Ultrasonics combines rugged durability with precision material thickness measurement. Hand-held MX-3 features extruded aluminum body, with nickel-plated aluminum end caps, sealed membrane keypad that is water and petroleum-resistant, and sealed-gasket endcaps to accommodate rough field conditions. MX-3 is supplied with a dual-element transducer in 1 - 10 MHz frequency range, locking quick-disconnect LEMO connectors, and standard 4-foot cable.

The MX-3 is fully field-calibratable for the range of materials, offering great flexibility and accuracy, and provides up to 200 hours of operation on a single set of batteries.


  • single or two-point calibration option for extreme accuracy
  • high speed scan mode allows 16 readings per second; standard scan mode allows 4 readings per sec.
  • measuring range: .025 - 19.999 inches (.63 - 500 mm) (range is dependant upon material type and transducer used)
  • resolution of .001 inch (.01 millimeter)
  • 4 readings per second, single point measurements
  • Scan mode: 16 readings per second; captures minimum thickness
  • imperial/metric switchable
  • dual element transducer
  • 4-foot cable
  • custom transducers available on request
  • 4.5 digit LCD display with .5" numerals
  • backlit display
  • bar graph indicator of reading stability
  • factory calibration raceable to national standards
  • 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Dakota MX-3 is supplied with the MX-3 gauge and dual-element transducer, small bottle of Ultrasonic couplant, factory calibration traceable to NIST, and instructions, in a plastic carrying case.

Optional accessories include:

  • custom transducers (upon request)
  • ultrasonic couplant
  • calibration step blocks (variety of materials and steps available; please call for details)

Click to view or download the MX-3 Datasheet

Click to view Ultrasonic Velocity Table

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