The viscosity of liquid coatings is an important characteristic, that determines how the coating will behave when sprayed or rolled, how it will flow and level after being applied to the surface, as well as indicating the amount of solids in the coating which in turn indicates the dry film thickness to be expected from a given wet film thickness applied, making viscosity measurement a key component in quality assurance for coatings manufacture. The commonest method for measuring coating viscosity uses viscosity flow cups, such as the GARDCO EZ Zhan Cups. Viscosity cups are economical and easy-to-use, while providing accurate and repeatable viscosity measurement, not only for coatings, but a wide range of other liquid products.

GARDCO EZ dip-style Zhan Cups are machined rather than drilled, ensuring exact centering of perfectly round orifices of proper length, and a correct, symmetrical efflux stream. EZ Viscosity Cup support rods are offset from cup sides and secured below the cup rim, eliminating errors caused by drainage from support surfaces. Gardco's EZ Zhan Cups meet and exceed ASTM D4212 and ASTM D-816, and Gardco Calibration Oils, used to standardize EZ Cups, meet ISO-9002, and are certified to NIST-traceable standards.

EZ Zhan Cups are available in numbers 1 to 5, and can be purchased with or without a certificate of calibration.

All GARDCO EZ Zhan Cups come with conversion table relating efflux time in seconds, to the nearest tenth of a second, to viscosity in centistokes . (10th's of seconds to centistokes)

*Use the chart below to select the correct number EZ Zahn Cup:

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