Junior Tri-Gauge VM

The Junior Tri-Gauge VM® by Western Instruments is today’s most accurate lever-style Pit Gauge. Versatile Jr Tri-Gauge fitted with metric and imperial measuring scales, also serves as a Weld Inspection Gauge for measuring weld undercut depth and weld crown height (weld reinforcement). Like the original Tri-Gauge, the Junior model features Western Instruments’ Contact Point Offset Correction; the contact point is manufactured to line up with the contact base of the Scale Plate, to increase accuracy when measuring with the gauge at other than perpendicular to the surface.

Measuring range of the Jr. Tri-Gauge VM is + .100” or 3 mm. Measuring increments are 64th inch, .2 mm, and 5/1000 of an inch (.005”). Measurements are known by reading the desired scale as indicated by the appropriate pointed indicator. Scale markings are fine, allowing the estimation of half-measures.

The Junior Tri Gauge is supplied with a vinyl pouch and instructions.

* Lever-style Pit Gauges are intended to evaluation corrosion or erosion, and are not a absolute measuring tool. Dial indicator pit gauges are recommended where greater accuracy is required. Check out the Western Instrument' Basic Pit Gauge or for small or curved surfaces, the Pocket Pit Gauge.


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