Western Instruments' Tri-Weld Welding Gauge

Western Instruments’ Tri-Weld Welding Gauge  is a multi-purpose lever-style weld measurement gauge. The versatile Tri-Weld Gauge measures 9 different weld parameters in both imperial and metric measuring units. Pocket-sized Tri-Weld Gauge comes in a with pocket-protective sleeve. Light-coloured measurement scales contrast against the black background, making this gauge easy to read on even the fine measuring scales.

Tri-Weld features 3 scales: thousandths of an inch, fractions of an inch, and metric, and is designed to measure the following welding and fit-up parameters:

  • Internal Hi-Lo - metric scale to in .5 mm; imperial in 1/32 inch
  • Gap Width  
  • Filet Height - pointer measures weld throat thickness up to .8” 13/16”, or 20 mm in respective increments of 0.025”, 1/32”, or 0.5 mm.
  • Leg Length - up to 1.00” (25 mm)
  • Weld Height- up to 1.00” (25 mm)
  • Undercut Depth (to + 0.010” (0.5mm)
  • Misalignment
  • Angle of Preparation - protractor pointer is divided into 2.5 degree increments; common compound angle of 75 degrees is indicated


A metric straight-ruler measures up to 100 mm on the top edge of the front face of the Tri-Weld Gauge, with a separate imperial ruler measuring up to 3.5” in 1/32” increments at the bottom of the gauge. Additionally, there are three large and four smaller ½ circle Diameter Comparators on the short edges of the gauge, from 1/16 to ½ inch  in 1/16th inch increments.

Western Instruments’ made-in-Canada Tri-Weld Welding Gauge is the only lever-type gauge to measure weld undercut to + 0.010” (0.5mm).


Its Internal Hi-Lo function features parallel catch sliders for measuring inside of pipes or tubes, or plate fit-up. The Tri-Weld Gauge has a large Weld Clearance cut-away to reach across a weld to measure misalignment, or up to a reinforcing pad to measure its thickness. In addition, the Weld Height-Depth Pointer has Western Instruments’ patented Offset Correction for improved accuracy of reading.


When contact points become worn with use or damaged, Western instruments Tri-Weld Gauge can easily be checked and re-standardized by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Tri-Weld multi-purpose Welding Gauge has patent pending.


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