Custom Calling-Card Wet Film Gauge

Custom-printed aluminum Calling Card Wet Film Gauges can be printed on one or both sides, mil or micron scales on square (1 ¾"; 1 - 80 mils), rectangular (2 ¼ x 3 ¼"; 1 - 80 mil),  or octagonal (4 ½"; 0.4 - 400 mil) gauges. Up to 5 colours can be used. Digital images can also be applied. Custom Calling Card Wet Film Gauges are a great advertising tool for your coating business.

Simple to use, wet film combs measure the thickness of paints and other wet materials by pressing one toothed edge into the wet coating, and reading the values of the thickest tooth that has been covered by the material being measured, and that of the next tooth that has no material on it. The wet film thickness is between these two values.


Stone Tucker Instruments' Rectangular Wet Film Thickness Gauges


Sample Customized Octagonal Wet Film Gauge by Gardco


Customized Wet Film Gauges meet or exceed ASTM 4414, "Standard Practice for Measurement of Wet Film Thickness of Organic Coatings by Notched Gauges". Wet Film Combs are suitable for measurement of wet films including paint, lacquers, food products including glazes and batters, tar, oils, waxes, gels - virtually any liquid covering on a smooth substrate.

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